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Don't test your luck with your hydration health. Safety comes first and your hydration health plays a big part.

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Why choose pro:play?

You lose 2500mg of electrolytes per 1lb of sweat and you lose 4–6lbs of sweat per hour when working in temperatures of 85° or higher. To replace those electrolytes, you need to drink 12 servings of our competitor's brand—or only 2 servings of pro:play.

pro:play—916mg of electrolytes per serving vs. competitor's brand—200mg of electrolytes

What happens when you lose electrolytes?

Loss of electrolytes leads to dehydration. 1% dehydration decreases productivity by 12%. When you are dehydrated by just 3% reaction time is cut by 17% and you are 5x more likely to be in an accident.


Every year there are over 11,000 hospitalizations in the US workplace setting caused from dehydration. This costs employers an average of $10,000 per incident.

Workplace incidents have shown to increase by 30% when temperatures rise above 68 degrees.

1% dehydration affects workers productivity by 12%, 2% dehydration raises your heart rate by 5%, 3% dehydration can reduce cardiac output by 20%.

Hydrate Responsibly

pro:play helps hydrate your body giving you 3x more electrolytes than a serving of a sports drink with none of the sugar, meaning you'll stay hydrated longer without the crash.

pro:play has 25mg of magnesium citrate to help relieve muscle cramps.

Hydration Index

Traditional electrolyte replenishment drinks either use sugar or no delivery system at all. This leads to poor absorption and blood sugar abnormalities! Our product's delivery system uses a revolutionary sugar-free amino acid delivery system that increases absorption of both fluid and electrolytes by over 30%.

What does this mean for you? No disruption in your blood sugar and fewer trips to the bathroom while getting hydrated!