Energy Enhancer

pro:play contains 3X MORE ELECTROLYTES than the leading sports beverage and ZERO SUGAR to fully sustain you from start to finish.

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Endurance Amplifier

pre:play combines clinical strength hydration with a time released energy boost for a pump before your workout and amplification throughout your workout.

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re:play replenishes essential electrolytes to your body quickly so you can do it all again tomorrow.

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  • Clinical Strength Hydration Products

    Hydration Health Products use a formula developed from 40 years of scientific research. Typical sports beverages have around 200–300mg of electrolytes per serving. Some of our products have 12x that many electrolytes.

    Drink a product that will actually hydrate you!

  • Did you know?

    The average person loses around 2,500mg of electrolytes in 1lb of sweat. Sweat rates increase when temperatures are above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You can sweat as much as 4–6lbs per hour when temperatures are above 80 degrees Fahrenheit—that's a lot of electrolytes your body needs replenished!

What Our Customers Say

This product definitely helps with keeping you feeling great during hard workouts and races! I’ve used re:play and pre:play in my last two races. One took me 11 hours, the other took just over 3 hours…this product helped me feel strong and focused through to the finish! I also take the pre:play before hard workouts and love how it makes me feel!

Absolutely love this product!! I have felt fatigued and tired and upon drinking replay have felt 100% better. Also helps with sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning. pre:play is also an excellent pre-workout. No sugar, just hydration and energy!!! Five stars!!!

I’m very pleased to offer this product to clients and customers of my facility. This is a product that’s beneficial to everyone from the athlete to construction worker. My clients have noticed better quality of performance in the gym and in their sports.

I skateboard for a living and had the chance to use re:play and I gotta say it definitely helped keep me hydrated and fueled to keep going on those long battles filming tricks! Also glad to see it includes Glucosamine to help maintain my muscles, something a lot of skateboarders don’t really realize the importance of. Good stuff!

After 19 marathons and four 50 mile runs and even a 100 miler, I thought I had tried most of the options for staying hydrated. I was surprised and very pleased to find re:play! Great product I use on all my runs now. It doesn’t mess with my stomach like those others with all the sugar and sweetness. In case you are thinking I’m just one of those fake product endorsements—I also tried the pre:play. I will stick to my other pre-workout powder. Hands down, re:play is best for my running workouts.

Such an amazing product!!!!! Truly life changing. Spectacular for all hydration needs. Ideal for golf in the summer time in AZ. Great for ski trips—helps so much with the altitude! Also, the best thing in the world for a hangover. We recommend this product to everyone!!!!! Even gets rid of pesky leg cramps.

Your Body Is Thirsty


75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration, according to doctors.


37% of people mistake thirst for
every day.


85% of the human brain is comprised of water.

Learn about the Science

Hydration Health Products use a formula developed from 40 years of scientific research. With an isotonic delivery system, our products were designed to replace fluids in extreme situations where a medical IV isn’t available.

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Why your performance is suffering

Chances are, you are dehydrated right now along with 75% of other Americans. That means your muscles and your brain aren’t getting the nutrients they need! You are limiting your mental and physical performance.

The Strongest Electrolyte Supplement

Our products use a revolutionary delivery system that increases absorption of fluid and electrolytes. That means you’ll have the kick to go the extra mile, whether on the job or on the trail.