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Clinical strength hydration equivalent to an IV bag with time released caffeine.

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Pre:play combines clinical strength hydration with a time released energy boost.

pre:play allows your body to burn fat as a fuel source versus using the glucose in your muscles and liver, allowing you to sustain a prolonged level of work capacity. Your muscles and liver only contain 400 grams of glucose/glycogen that's less than 1lb! Everybody has more than 1lb of fat energy. When you are burning fat as an energy source, no breaking in the middle of a race!

Athletes & Physically Driven

Boost your energy and get the most out of your muscles with our electrolyte formula.

Active Professionals

Take Pre:play for a mid-day energy boost while maintaining hydration.

pre:play Performance Endurance

6g L-Arginine AAKG supports increased stamina and output.

200mg Dicaffeine Malate charges you with healthy energy levels, allowing your body to use fat as a fuel source.

Contains the same clinical strength electrolyte formula and non-glucose transport formula found in Re:play.