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After your Workout

Replenish essential electrolytes to your body quickly with re:play hydration.

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Re:play is an advanced formula designed to help your body absorb more fluids and electrolytes

Works Faster

Our formula uses a non-glucose co-transporter to deliver electrolytes to your body more efficiently.

Sugar Free

No bloating, extra calories, or sugar crash. Re:play gives your body only what it needs.


re:play contains more electrolytes than any other hydration supplement on the market.

The Power of a Medical IV

re:play is a formula developed from 40 years of scientific research. With an isotonic delivery system, re:play is designed to replace fluids in extreme situations where a medical IV isn’t available.

Contains 5.5g of a non-glucose transport molecule for absorption across the intestinal wall.

Contains 2g of MSM to support healthy joint function and is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and stevia.

Based on the World Health Organization’s oral rehydration formula.