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Hydration For Mothers

Hydration Fuels Milk Supply

If you are an expectant mother or a breastfeeding mom, staying hydrated is extremely important to both you and the health of your child!


Beastfeeding moms produce up to 750mL per day of breast milk per child.

Breast milk is made up of 87% water.

Lactating moms require 16% more fluid per day than non-lactating moms.

pro:play helps hydrate your body, giving you 3 times more electrolytes than a serving of a sports drink, with none of the sugar. Staying hydrated can help fuel your milk supply, keeping you healthy and making it easier to feed your baby!

pro:play has 25 mg of Magnesium Citrate to help relieve muscle cramps.

Stay Hydrated For You & The Little One!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding naturally require changes in your body to support your baby. One of these changes is to the water dynamics in your body. One of the major reasons you gain weight during pregnancy is due to water – you’ll likely increase your body water by 6-8 liters (that’s 1-2 gallons). To support this water gain, you’ve got to stay hydrated!

Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms, either during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

• Headaches • Tiredness • Lack of Energy • Trouble with Short Term Memory • Trouble Concentrating • Slow Reaction Time

These are all symptoms of dehydration -- let Hydration Health Products help with that, with a no-fuss way to keep you hydrated safely and effectively.

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Traditional electrolyte replenishment drinks either use sugar or no delivery system at all. This leads to poor absorption and blood sugar abnormalities! Our product's delivery system uses a revolutionary sugar-free amino acid delivery system that increases absorption of both fluid and electrolytes by over 30%.

What does this mean for you? No disruption in your blood sugar and fewer trips to the bathroom while getting!